Good for business. Good for the environment.

Multiflow Print recognise we have a responsibility to the environment and the world’s forests.

We are a member of an FSC® certified group scheme (FSC-C004309) and a Carbon Capture® company.

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) helps take care of forests, the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC certification system tracks forest products through the stages of processing, conversion, distribution and printing, ensuring the paper we use comes from well-managed, sustainable forests.

We can source FSC certified paper/board enabling you to use the FSC logo on your printed materials. An FSC label on your printed materials demonstrates your commitment to the environment and gives you assurance your business has chosen to source responsibly.

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What is Carbon Capture?

Through the Woodland Trust Carbon scheme businesses, and individuals, can reduce their carbon footprint by mitigating carbon emissions through planting trees. By purchasing print from Multiflow you are helping to create new native woodland in the UK which provides habitats for wildlife and green spaces for all.

How does this benefit you?

Using an FSC label and/or Carbon Capture logo on your printed materials demonstrates your commitment to the environment

Excellent initiatives that gives immediate and tangible environmental benefits

Help you to win business/tenders by being able to offer sustainable print

Creates a positive image

Protecting our natural heritage

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At Multiflow Print we are aware of our impact on the environment and seek to reduce and eliminate environmental harm and pollution through its working practices and legislative requirements. We are now working towards ISO 14001:2015 certification. To download our environmental policy, click here.