Direct Mail / Mailing

Targeted, Personal, Tangible, Effective

Direct Mail is still the most proven and cost-effective way to reach your target audience (it won’t go straight into spam!). Are you introducing a new product, focused on lead-generation or customer relations? Do you want to tell people about your company, latest product or win new business? If so, Direct Mail has a role to play.

Multiflow are experienced in producing mailshots, working with databases and delivering your marketing communications to your end-user on time. More businesses are effectively using mailshot advertising by post for building customer relationships.

We can ensure the success of your mailing by taking care of all parts of the process:

  • direct mail production
  • database management
  • creative services
  • campaign management

We work closely with Royal Mail and Third Party Mail Carriers to give you further savings while making sure your mailings reach its destination.